Rotatable Solar Deck Lights with Motion Sensor and High Capacity Battery

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Illuminate your outdoor space with these energy-efficient Solar Deck Lights. The adjustable lamp holder and solar panel make it easy to customize the angle for optimal sunlight absorption. The built-in motion sensor detects movement within 6-8 meters and activates the lights for 30 seconds, conserving energy when not needed. With a high capacity 1200 mA battery, these lights will continue to shine throughout the night.

Bullet Points:

  • Solar powered for energy-efficient lighting
  • Adjustable lamp holder and solar panel for optimal sunlight absorption
  • Motion sensor detects movement within 6-8 meters and activates lights for 30 seconds
  • Wide 120-degree sensing angle provides ample coverage
  • High capacity 1200 mA battery ensures long-lasting illumination

Material: ABS
Packaging size:
153X125X172 mm


1. The lamp holder and solar panel can be rotated to adjust the angle,

2. Solar charging, charging during the day, working at night,

3. Sensing distance 6-8 meters, sensing delay time 30 seconds, sensing angle 120 degrees

4.1200 mA High Capacity Battery

Product Information:

Specification: K23A/K42B

Size: 145 * 120 * 170mm

Style: American

Packing List:

Packing list:

Solar lamp * 1

Screw expansion sleeve * 2

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