One-handed razer keyboard

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Pub g mobile gaming keyboad

Product parameters:
Mouse net weight 105g
Mouse size: 12.5X6.4x3.8cm
Line length 140cm
Keyboard weight 272 grams
Keyboard size 25.5X17X3cm
Total package weight 540 grams
Size: 28.2X28.2X5.7cm
Product packaging:
Bluetooth 4.2 one-handed keyboard * 1
Wired mouse* 1
User Manual* 1
Mobile phone holder* 1
Shortcut key function:
F1: label preset / F2: display preset / ESC: control the muzzle to close
F3 on/off muzzle control interface / F4 first muzzle control power adjustment button
F5 second muzzle control power adjustment button
F6 muzzle control power button
F7 middle mouse button-bring up the cursor
Q-Left probe / E-Right probe / R-Replace bullet T-Map
F-Open the rescue door / G-Pickup / Z-Get
X-Ride / C-Squat down / V-Running automatic operation
B-shift automatically shoots bullets and single bullets continuously
1-Weapon columnl / 2-Weapon column 2
3-Take medicine / 4-Melee throw
5-Open atachment items / 6-Open the box
Tab-Bag Shift-Drive car Ctrl-Get off
Alt-Free view/space jump

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