Home Wireless WIFI Smart Video Doorbell

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Viodeo Doorbell

Two audio channels with noise reduction function
Audio, two-way voice
Built-in high-quality speakers
Built-in noise reduction microphone
Real-time communication, chat with visitors anytime, anywhere
Don't miss your package and all visitors

Product information:

Pixel: 1.3 million (DPI)
Style: wall-mounted, vertical
Image sensor 1 / 3CMOS
Horizontal resolution 480 (TVL)
Minimum illumination: 0.001 (lux)
Resolution: 960p
Lens: 2.6mm/f2.2 (mm)
Signal to noise ratio> 48 (DB)
Working temperature-10~60(℃)
Backlight compensation supports automatic
Power supply voltage: 3.7-5 (V)
Alarm function: motion detection PIR human body induction
Material: ABS rubber oil plastic
Effective distance: 100M
Surveillance camera lens 166 degree wide-angle lens
Focal length: 2.6mm fixed focus lens
Irradiation distance of infrared lamp: 10M

Packing list:
Package One [Include 2 batteries]
Package two [including 2 batteries + 16G memory card]
Package three [including 2 batteries + 32G memory card]

CJJJJTJT01785-Black 1 pack set=CJJJJTJT01785-Black 1 pack+CJJJJJTJT01785-British Dingdong
CJJJJTJT01785-Black 2 Pack Set=CJJJJTJT01785-Black 2 Pack+CJJJJTJT01785-British Ding Dong
CJJJJTJT01785-White 1 pack set=CJJJJTJT01785-White 1 pack+CJJJJTJT01785-British Dingdong
CJJJJTJT01785-white 2 pack set=CJJJJTJT01785-white 2 pack+CJJJJTJT01785-British Dingdong

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