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Best poop bag carrier for dogs Pet Supplies

Product information:
Style: Continuous roll
Material: HDPE+EPI
Specification: 23*33cm/ 15 pieces per roll

Epi degradation: fission and degradation about 2 years after being discarded in the soil
Material: EPI+HDPE
Thickness: 0.01mm=1 wire, 15 bags per roll
25g in a roll
10 rolls: 250g
6 rolls: 156g
4 rolls + dispenser: 115g

(A) 20 rolls of green,
(B) 16 rolls of green + dispenser,
(C) 10 rolls of green,
(D) 6 rolls of green,
(E) 4 rolls of green + dispenser,
(F) 20 rolls of green + dispenser,
(G) 12 rolls of green + dispenser,
(H) 8 rolls of green,
(I) 16 rolls of powder + dispenser, 20 rolls of powder + dispenser,
(J) 12 rolls powder + dispenser

Packing: Dog poo bag x1

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