Compatible with Apple , 12-inch three-system tablet universal keyboard

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Non-Apple branded products,Compatible with iPhone models

Using Bluetooth 3.0 chip

2. The transmission rate is up to 1Mbps, the effective communication distance is 10 meters, and the receiving sensitivity is -80dBm.

3. Key structure composition: keycap (including X-type scissors corner, arms spread suspension angle), soft and quiet feel.

4. 78-key design with 7 multimedia keys

5. Beautiful appearance, fashionable and extremely delicate, the colors are white and black

6. Dimensions: 284.5mm * 119.8mm * 6.70 (20) mm
  Keyboard battery: AAA battery 1.5V × 2 power supply
  Support Iphone, iPad, MAC OS
Supports all IPAD XP win7 win8 Android and other systems of Apple Computer Ipad version
Product size: 28.7 * 12.1 * 2.2CMBTK23-8





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