Canvas dog collar

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Material: canvas
Product category: collar
Color: blue spots, strawberry, stripe, Indian wind, Mosaic stripes, dark grey plaid, navy, red, gray, security deductions: blue spots, security deductions: strawberry, security deductions: stripe, security deductions: Indian wind, security deductions: Mosaic stripes, security deductions: dark grey plaid, security deductions: navy, security deductions: red, security deductions: pale, full metal insert button: blue spots, all metal insert button: strawberry, all metal insert button: stripe, all metal insert button: Indian wind, all metal insert button: Mosaic stripes, bronzing plug buckle: blue spots, bronzing insert button: Strawberry, bronze buckles: horizontal and vertical stripes, bronze buckles: Indian style, bronze buckles: Mosaic, small yellow dacron (half metal buckles), paisley pattern dacron (half metal buckles)
Specification (length * width) : S 1.5cm wide adjustment 23-35,M 2.0cm wide adjustment 27-40,L 2.5cm wide adjustment 36-55
Type of buckle: half metal buckle