Bird Buddy Smart Bird Feeder with Live Camera - Connect, Watch, and Discover Nature's Wonders

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Introducing the Bird Buddy Smart Bird Feeder with Camera, the ultimate bird-watching experience right at your fingertips. With its innovative design and built-in live camera, you can connect, watch, and discover the fascinating world of birds like never before. Our smart bird feeder brings nature closer to you, allowing you to observe the behaviors and interactions of your feathered visitors in real-time. From colorful songbirds to graceful hummingbirds, capture captivating moments and gain a deeper appreciation for the beauty of nature. Immerse yourself in the wonders of avian life with the Bird Buddy Smart Bird Feeder.

Bullet Points:

  • Smart bird feeder with a built-in live camera for real-time bird-watching
  • Connects to your smartphone or tablet via an app for easy monitoring
  • Capture high-quality photos and videos of visiting birds to share with friends and family
  • Learn about different bird species and their behaviors through the app's interactive features
  • Weather-resistant and durable design to withstand outdoor conditions

Product information:

Name: Triangular hanging push-pull trough acrylic bird feeder
Specifications: Transparent, 20*10*19cm, 3mm thick
Material: acrylic/plexiglass
Uses: pet supplies, feeding ornamental birds


Easy to observe
The lightweight body and clear exterior of this bird feeder makes it easy to watch a variety of birds in as many different places as you like, such as your kitchen, living room, bedroom and office.
Powerful suction cups
With 4 strong suction cups on the back, this bird feeder is stable enough to hold on to a glass window even in bad weather.

Packing list:

1 x Window Bird Feeder
1 x Wireless Mini Hidden Camera
1 x USB cable charger
1 x Magnetic Stand
1 x User Manual

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