Premium Plastic Bird Feeder - Hanging Busch Design with Lanyard and Rope for Outdoor Garden

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Welcome to our premium plastic bird feeder, designed to attract and nourish beautiful feathered friends in your outdoor garden. Our Busch-inspired bird feeder combines functionality and style with its durable construction and convenient features. The included lanyard and rope make it easy to hang in your desired location, ensuring a secure and elevated feeding spot for the birds. With its squirrel-proof design, you can enjoy watching birds indulge in their favorite treats without any unwanted guests. Create a delightful bird-watching experience with our high-quality, wild bird feeder that brings nature right to your doorstep.Product Information:

Bullet Points:

  • Premium plastic bird feeder with a Busch design
  • Convenient lanyard and rope for easy hanging in outdoor gardens
  • Squirrel-proof construction ensures birds can enjoy undisturbed feeding
  • Durable and weather-resistant for long-lasting use
  • Attracts a variety of wild birds for a delightful bird-watching experience

Material: PP+PS
Applicable size: XL-super large
Specification: Garden Green Large

Size Information:

Packing list:

Feeder *1

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