Backlit keyboard and mouse set

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◆ Luminous keyboard, using two-color injection keycap
◆ Comes with colorful breath, set to adjust the light
◆ The keyboard has multimedia function settings F1-F6, 6 multimedia shortcut keys, allowing you to use the process more quickly and casually
◆ Intimate waterproof design on the back of the keyboard
Mouse description:
◆ 7D mode mouse. ◆ Infrared super laser engine;
◆ Custom dual mode long press DPI-button for more than 5 seconds to switch mode ◆ Normal mode / multimedia mode, switch at will
◆ Resolution 800-1600-2500-3500DPI four gears can debug DPI switch at will, configure Agilent chip, system compatible and stable
◆ The FPS value design of 500-1000HZ makes the rate increase.
◆ Always-on permanent link mode, gold-plated USB adapter, all copper core with magnetic ring interference stripe line.

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