Creative Nylon 6-Piece Kitchen Utensils Spatula Set - Non-Stick Pan Kitchenware Set

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Product Description: Upgrade your kitchen with our Creative Nylon 6-piece Kitchen Utensils Spatula Set. Made with high-quality rubber and plastic, this non-stick pan kitchenware set includes six essential cooking utensils. The black cooking spoon and spatula set of six is designed to handle all your cooking needs with ease. The nylon material ensures the utensils are heat-resistant and won't scratch your non-stick pans. The compact size of 225mm makes these utensils perfect for any kitchen.


Product information:
Material: rubber and plastic
Size: Black Cooking Spoon & Spatula Set of Six *Size 225*
Whether to import: no

Packing list:
Nylon 6-piece set*1


Product Image:

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