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Automatic Pet Feeder:

Automatic pet feeders help pets to dispense food into their bowls. Useful for cats and dogs. It's very useful for pet owners. It is very useful for pet owners to leave their pets at home while they are away. Most likely, cat owners leave their pets behind more than dog owners, and this is why they install security cameras and find cheap automatic pet feeders to feed their pets while they are away.

Reasons for Automatic Feeders for Cats and Small Dogs:

[Fun bullet food design] The dog gently presses the top position, and the 4 food leakage channels at the bottom of the toy can easily randomly drop a certain amount of dog food. The dog food will be dropped on the tower-shaped bullet food slope for the dog to eat. This function can slow down the dog's daily eating rate and protect the dog's gastrointestinal health.

[Anti-slip and anti-slip design] There are 4 anti-slip rubber pads at the bottom. In addition, each product comes with four suction cups that can be installed or removed. The suction cup can be fixed in the corresponding slot at the bottom, and then the product can be adsorbed on the ground so that it will not be knocked over by dogs in daily use.

[Emergency feeding supplies] If the owner needs to leave his residence for a period of time and worries that his dog cannot feed on time, this product can be used as a temporary feeding article to allow the dog to complete the feeding process during play. Multiple dogs can be used together at the same time.


How to Use:

Here is the short video on how you can use this :



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